Cheap Flights from Bristol to Manila from £291 | (BRS - MNL) - KAYAK (2023)

Pros: "This Transavia Airlines is not good at all."

Cons: "Many things cheaper does mean better."

Pros: "The crew from Kili to DarEsSalam was tired. A fresh crew worked from DarEsSalam to AMS and they were great."

Cons: "The boarding process was chaotic. The passengers in the first boarding group had to fight through the crowd because there were no boarding lanes."

Pros: "Yes"

Cons: "Nothing. Flight was amazing"

Pros: "The crew was very kind"

Pros: "Crew were excellent"

Cons: "Old aircraft. Uncomfortable seats in economy. Entertainment screens old and almost impossible to watch - watched my iPhone! No mobile phone charger."

Cons: "All of the less than good, obvious!"

Pros: "the crew was wonderful, we got a nice Wrap and water, wine or coffee for free, not all airlines serve it anymore, we were on time and I got whatsapp message with updates of the flight"

Cons: "KLM crew exceed our expectations"

Pros: "Crew great, boarding at Nice very organised, boarding in Amsterdam not so organised!"

Cons: "A queuing system would be better-it was a bit disorganised at Amsterdam!"

Cons: "KLM was not prepared to get wheel chair passenger off plane. Cost me delay of 1 hour. I will never fly KLM again."

Cons: "Boarding was very slow."

Pros: "Nice attention and good food. Plane and seats are confortable"

Pros: "Checkin 1a at Schiphol had long lines, and no seperate counters for just bag drop. My family and I had to wait for 50 mins, to do a bag drop which in,y lasted 1 min! Flight was delayed, without proper announcements."

Cons: "Seat pitch could've been more. At least let us know via Whatsapp that the plane is delayed, or at which belt the bags would come out. This basic info was lacking."

Cons: "We were allowed to choose our seats from SFO to Amsterdam but not for the return flight. I like to be able to choise my seats when I book the flight. Choosing seats 24 hours before is not convenient when traveling for the return trip."

Pros: "It was all fine"

Cons: "Really was unsure of why I had to purchase a ticket as I was able to pick my own on the way to Billund"

Pros: "Nice aircraft"

Cons: "Unexpected refueling stop. 2 hr delay Lost connection Reached destination after 18 hr delay"

Pros: "great crew and comfortable flight."

Cons: "sceens in the plane to show map and direction of travel"

Cons: "Faultless handling of weather delay, causing missed connection and flight transfer. A well oiled machine, thank you."

Pros: "Good"

Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Landlords gave an unpleasant service! Which continued with late of 50min of the flight, they didn’t do anything to help/ to provide the passengers the answers. The food was cold It was comfort place to sit. Bad experience with KLM"

Pros: "Friendly staff"

Cons: "Leg room"

Cons: "Still waiting to board after missing this connection had to be booked on another airline"

Pros: "The flight to Gdansk took off and arrived on-time and the staff were professional."

Cons: "The flight to Amsterdam from Gdansk was late and I had to RUN to the connecting gate. 50 minutes is NOT ENOUGH time to go through passport control."

Pros: "Interior of the plane was clean. Smooth landing."

Cons: "Pilot did not avoid turbulence"

Pros: "The entertainment options were good."

Cons: "Flight was cancelled."

Pros: "Nice crew; clean plane; decent dinner"

Cons: "No entertainment system; insufficient knee space"

Cons: "Unaccompanied minor flying to Lisbon overnight. Bag was lost. No real effort to assist. Bags of unaccompanied minor should be treated with priority."

Pros: "Due to lightening bolt strike our pre-Y2K era plane got switched out with a newer plane with modern media delivery at the seats."

Cons: "This caused a two hour delay in boarding and another 30 minutes on the JFK T4 tarmac. Same crappy headphones so it wasn’t the"

Pros: "All cabin crew were courteous. Refreshments were light. Check stuff were helpful, they did devise that the flight was full and due to space hand luggage would prefer to be put in hold free of charge. We did not have any problem with this. Plane was clean."

Cons: "Service was a little slow going through the gate, it seemed to take a while for everyone to get on board."

Pros: "On time"

Pros: "Seats were comfortable"

Cons: "Flight was delayed by 2 hours. Could have gone to Amsterdam and come back in that time"

Cons: "Boarding was a free for all. The travelers did not pay attention to the priorities."

Pros: "Only thing we liked was the fact that we were able to get onto our flight at all..."

Cons: "Was not informed that checking in online is the only way to secure a seat. So, regardless of whether you book your tickets 3 months in advance or the day before, you're not actually guaranteed a seat unless you check in online. We weren't told this until we were at the airport and checked in there that we might not be able to get our pre-booked in advance flight because of over-booking from KLM. We then had to wait and see if there were seats available when boarding. Luckily, there were, but we were not sat together. Not the greatest start to our first holiday together as a couple. We were told that if there weren't seats available, they'd pay for us to get to another airport to fly out, which would have meant a huge delay on the only time off we'd get together this year and have to rearrange our pre-booked and pre-paid living arrangements for the week. All because there wasn't a lot of emphasis on the need to check in online before hand. You'd think if someone checked in at the airport, that would be more of a guarantee that they'd be flying with you that day, but apparently not. Definitely not impressed or happy with this part of the KLM experience. This is the only company that we've had this problem with, they should make it clearer that it is essential to check in online."

Pros: "The flight attendants could not do enough for you."

Cons: "Business class was pretty empty but again I was not allowed to change my seat selection online. Pathetic check-in."

Pros: "had problems checking in , in that I was charged for a suitcase! I have since checked my paper work and found thad that I had paid for a case! I will follow this up when I return to the UK"

Pros: "Loved the service...everything was excellent"

Cons: "The bus class seat was a bit narrow at the feet"

Pros: "Great crew service. Among the best ever."

Pros: "That we didn't crash"

Cons: "Being delayed and missing my connecting flight. No entertainment onboard (for hours and hours)."

Cons: "Terrible service in flight and customer service wise .. app functionality was below"

Pros: "The flight was delayed by 40 minutes initially then a further 20 making it an hour late. Sitting at the gate there was then suddenly a last call to board the flight and a mad rush for everyone to get on. I appreciate that delays happen but the lack of communication ragardinh altered boarding times didn't make the situation any easier"

Cons: "As above"

Pros: "Price"

Cons: "Klm flight has very congested seating Getting information about eticket was pain"

Pros: "Boarding was very efficient."

Cons: "Limited movie selection. Crew seemed stressed. Gave me wrong meal and then swaped for the right one. I asked for Diet Coke and was given white wine. Food quality was not good."

Pros: "Good and plenty of food available."

Cons: "No power to charge phones, laptops, etc and no WiFi available. For such a long trip (10 hours) below industry standard."

Pros: "Nice, turbulent-free flight. Food was good, service with a smile. Leg space was OK because Boeing 777s are usually better at this."

Cons: "Flight left over an hour late because of a sensor glitch. It is concerning when a technical glitch happens. But, the flight was smooth."

Cons: "The crew on the Lagos Amsterdam route (in economy) are particularly unfriendly and brusque. This is my experience each time i fly this route in economy"

Pros: "The flight crew were kind, polite, and attentive."

Cons: "Bussing to the plane was a bit odd, but the crew remained organized in doing so. When we arrived to the plane, they had both entrances open so that those sitting near the rear of the plane would enter from the back. Plane was a little chilly, but I have come to expect that one most flights."

Pros: "Flight was quick, professional, friendly."

Cons: "The flight was very delayed. We sat on the floor because there was not enough seating. We eventually had to squeeze into buses and drive around the tarmac to find a plane. We lost 5 bags in the process but eventually got them 2 days after arrival. the bags did not show up when we originally were told they would."

Pros: "Captain was updating us with the delay status."

Cons: "You have to be gold to get the priority boarding. In other countries I can do it with my silver status."


What month is the cheapest to fly to Manila? ›

High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly from United States is September. Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates into the search form above to unlock the latest Manila flight deals.

Can you book flights from Kayak? ›

Kayak provides numerous benefits and makes it easy to compare the cost of airfares across multiple airlines. However, you cannot book directly with Kayak. Instead, you are sent to the airline's website or another online travel agency to complete your reservation.

What day are flights cheap? ›

Since Wednesdays tend to be the cheapest day to fly, see if you can tweak your travel plans so you depart and fly home during the week instead of on weekend days.

What is the cheapest day to fly to the Philippines? ›

Monday is the best day of the week to fly to Philippines based on flight prices.

What month is the cheapest to fly to Philippines from UK? ›

Which upcoming date is cheapest to fly to Philippines on? After crunching the numbers on our flight calendar, we found that the cheapest date to fly to Philippines is Tuesday, 20 June 2023, – to Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport.

Which airlines allow kayaks? ›

Virgin America, Southwest, Frontier, and Alaska Airlines are some of the major domestic air carriers that are capable of accepting boats and kayaks today. If you're travelling internationally, or with a different airline, make sure you do your research before you buy your tickets.

How do you pay for a flight on a KAYAK? ›


When You make a booking via Book with KAYAK, You will need to provide us with the accurate credit or debit card details. By providing Your credit or debit card information, you authorize KAYAK, or a third party service provider of KAYAK, to charge You for the total amount of travel services.

How much does it cost to fly with a KAYAK? ›

Research the oversized baggage fees associated with checking in your kayak. Kayaks are not considered part of your check-in baggage allowance and typically cost $100 to $200 one-way, depending on the airline and size of the kayak.

What is the best hour to find cheap flights? ›

According to Skyscanner's research, the best time to book on any given day is around 5 a.m. So, it's true that the early bird gets the worm. Or, the flight deal, that is. In addition, whether you want to save on domestic or international flights, you should also fire up your laptop on Sunday.

Do flight prices go down on Tuesday? ›

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly domestically. The cheapest days to depart if you're flying within the U.S. are midweek — generally Tuesday or Wednesday. For economy tickets, Tuesdays are about 24% lower than peak prices on Sundays, which translates to savings of about $85 per ticket.

How to get cheap flights when prices are high? ›

In this post
  1. Ignore the Cheap Flight Myths.
  2. Keep Your Plans Flexible & Book Your Flights First.
  3. Flying Direct Can Cost More Money than Time.
  4. Book Cheaper Flights By Traveling at the Right Time.
  5. Sign Up for Discount Flight and Cheap Airfare Notifications.
  6. Start Your Search with Your Best Friend, Google Flights.
Feb 15, 2023

Do flight prices go down at night? ›

Tuesday Around Midnight is the Cheapest Time to Book

In general, flights were slightly cheaper at midnight earlier in the week (Monday through Wednesday). However, this is only applicable to about 1.6% of U.S. markets, meaning that it's not likely you'll find the same savings on your specific route.

How far in advance should I buy plane tickets? ›

Generally, you should book domestic flights one to four months in advance. For international flights, you should book at least six months in advance. You'll want to give yourself more time for research for the latter than when traveling on domestic itineraries.

What is the most expensive day to book a flight? ›

According to Google, fares are less expensive if you fly in the middle of the week, rather than on the weekend. Over the past five years, flights that took off Monday to Wednesday were, on average, 12% to 20% cheaper than weekend flights. Sundays are a particularly expensive day to depart, Google said.

What time of year is cheapest to go to Manila? ›

The cheapest month for flights to Manila is March. On the other hand, the most expensive months are January and November.

What month is best to fly to Philippines? ›

The best time to visit the Philippines is from December to February, when temperatures are around 75°F to 88°F. At this time the country is fully accessible, including its many beautiful islands and more remote areas.

How long can a US citizen stay in the Philippines? ›

US citizens do not need a visa to enter the Philippines. US citizens can enter the Philippines Visa on Arrival and stay in the Philippines visa-free for up to 59-days. After 59-days, US Citizens can extend their visa by 1, 2, or 6-months at a Philippine Bureau of Immigration office.

What is the cheapest month to fly to the Philippines from USA? ›

Top tips for finding cheap flights to the Philippines. Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly from the United States is September.

What is the cheapest month to travel to USA from Philippines? ›

The things to know before you go.
Cheapest flight foundP33,228
Average flight time13 hrs, 33 mins
Cheapest month to flyDecember
Most popular airlinePhilippine Airlines
Flights per week45

What is the cheapest month to go back to the Philippines? ›

Top tips for finding cheap flights to the Philippines

High season is considered to be July and August. The cheapest month to fly to the Philippines is October.

What is the best transport for kayak? ›

Transporting a sole kayak

A single kayak is easy to transport using a standard roof rack. Sit on top kayaks are generally easier to transport upside down, to protect the shape of the hull. If you are a solo kayaker, you might be hit with the additional challenge of how to safely lift your kayak on to your car.

Is booking with kayak OK? ›

Kayak is just as reliable as other travel search engines, so there's no need to wonder, "can I trust Kayak?" In reality, it can often be more reliable than third-party booking sites since its users are driven to individual travel providers for booking.

Does Kayak have hidden fees? ›

Prices come straight from the travel sites to your screen, with no extra fee from KAYAK. When you've chosen your preferred deal, the provider of that deal simply pays us for either redirecting you to their site or helping you to book with them. This makes our service totally free for our users.

Do flights get cheaper the closer to the date? ›

Specifically, plane tickets usually don't get cheaper closer to the departure date. Instead, flights tend to be the most inexpensive when you book between four months and three weeks before your departure date.

What is the cheapest airline? ›

The Cheapest Airlines to Fly
  • Southwest. Southwest is one of the most popular low-cost carriers in the United States. ...
  • Spirit. Spirit Airlines is a go-to carrier for anyone who wants to travel on a budget. ...
  • JetBlue. ...
  • Allegiant Air. ...
  • Alaska Airlines. ...
  • Hawaiian Airlines. ...
  • United Airlines. ...
  • American Airlines.
Jan 31, 2023

How do you check a kayak on a plane? ›

Wrap the kayak up. Most airlines policies have a small print that state kayaks most be in a protective bag to fly, while Bren often gets away with it by kicking his kayak to prove it's build quality at the check in desk. We would advise that you don't get caught out even if the airline says they take kayaks.

How many miles is a average kayak trip? ›

On average, a reasonably experienced kayaker paddling a mid-sized solo boat can be expected to comfortably paddle between 10-20 miles a day.

Can I kayak at 250 lbs? ›

Every kayak has a weight limit. For instance, a typical recreational kayak has a limit of 250-300 pounds, touring (sea) kayak has a limit of 350 pounds, sit-on-top kayak has a weight capacity of 350-400 pounds while a tandem kayak has a limit of 500-600 pounds.

What time on Tuesdays are flights cheapest? ›

According to the internet, the best day of the week to buy flights is a Tuesday. Apparently, this is due to airlines announcing deals on Monday evenings. By Tuesday at noon, other airlines are trying to match those deals. So Tuesday afternoons are the best time to hunt for reduced airfare.

Are flights expected to go down in 2023? ›

In 2023, we expect that [trend] to reverse and year-over-year fares to fall,” Keyes said, pointing to Federal Reserve data indicating recent, modest drops in airfare—a shift that comes as airlines have begun to add more flights, fueling competition.

Which site is best for flight booking in India? ›

  • MakeMyTrip. Makemytrip is one of the best website for flight booking in India, and anyone can easily join in and make an account. ...
  • Goibibo. Goibibo, a unit of the Ibibo Group, also owns, India's top online bus ticketing website. ...
  • Cleartrip. ...
  • Yatra. ...
  • EaseMyTrip. ...
  • Skyscanner. ...
  • Thomas Cook. ...
  • Expedia.

Can airlines negotiate prices? ›

If your flight has been oversold, you may get an offer to give up your seat -- but don't take the first offer you get. In these trying travel times, airlines are willing to negotiate.

What is the best day to fly? ›

The basic rule about choosing the best day of the week to fly is Tuesday or Wednesday. They not only tend to be the cheapest days to fly but less busy as well. Since there are fewer people who would like to fly mid-week, Tuesday and Wednesday are also the best days to fly standby.

What are the chances of flight prices dropping? ›

Answer: Prices drop for flights around 60 days away from departure. This is a loose rule with a window of 45-90 days out, but I usually find my best prices about two months away from traveling. Prices also drop based on sales by the airlines and other promotions for specific destinations.

What are the cheapest days to fly on JetBlue? ›

Cheapest Days to Fly JetBlue

This is true for most U.S. airlines including JetBlue: Cheapest days to fly: Usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. JetBlue fare sales often restrict travel to those days.

Do flights go down last minute? ›

But generally, the best prices tend to drop off once the flight is less than three weeks away. If it's 21 days before you plan to travel and you haven't seen a flight deal to your destination, you'll want to stop waiting and book the airfare available.

Is it better to buy plane tickets now or later? ›

Best Time To Book Domestic Flights

The Expedia study found that the sweet spot is 28 to 35 days before departure while the Google study found prices bottomed out 44 days before departure. However, both studies agree that you don't want to wait until the last minute. Book at least 21 days before departure.

Is it cheaper to buy tickets right before flight? ›

The Myth of Skipping the Middleman

Some people think it's a good idea to skip the middleman and go straight to the source — the airport service desk — in hopes of snagging a cheap empty seat last minute. However, these ticket prices are almost always higher than expected.

Do flight prices go up the more you search? ›

When searching for a great travel deal, it's best to search both logged in and anonymously to compare all the deals, because it can make a difference — but not a significant difference. Flight prices can vary based on the day and time at which you perform your search.

What month is the cheapest to fly? ›

The site is good at tracking down an affordable fare, and it shared its expertise on what time of year you might find flights at their most affordable. It says the cheapest time of year to fly is January and February. (Well, less that little bit at the beginning of January after New Year's Day.)

What is the cheapest day to fly international? ›

Wednesday takes the number one spot among the cheapest days to fly internationally. You'll nab discounts as much as 10-12% off the price you'd pay when flying internationally on a Saturday or Sunday. Flying on Thursday can also lead to lower flight prices when you're traveling abroad, though not as cheap as Wednesday.

What is the cheapest day to fly on American Airlines? ›

Fly the cheapest days: On U.S. flights, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are usually the cheapest days to fly. On international flights, weekdays are generally cheaper than weekends (but not always).

What months are low season travel for Philippines? ›

Low season: June-September. Low season means less crowds and cheaper accommodation prices, but rougher seas and a greater chance of bad weather, with passing typhoons sometimes causing days of torrential rain.

What is the coldest month in Manila? ›

Based on the average of all weather stations in the Philippines, excluding Baguio, the mean annual temperature is 26.6o C. The coolest months fall in January with a mean temperature of 25.5oC while the warmest month occurs in May with a mean temperature of 28.3oC.

How far in advance should I book a flight to Philippines? ›

Top tips for finding cheap flights to the Philippines. Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly from the United States is September.

How much is all time low Manila tickets? ›

Tickets are priced at PHP 9,500 (Royalty), PHP 6,500 (VIP A), PHP 5,000 (VIP B), PHP 4,500 (Patron), PHP 4,000 (Lower Box A), PHP 3,500 (Lower Box B). Only fully vaccinated individuals will be permitted inside the venue.

How many days are enough to travel Philippines? ›

One week is how long to spend in the Philippines if you have no other option. A week may be just enough for you to explore a mixture of places; a blend of quiet, secluded spots and crowded, bustling tourist destinations. Yet we'd suggest doing at least a minimum of 10 nights to make the most of your trip.

What months have the most typhoon in the Philippines? ›

The peak of the typhoon season is July through October, when nearly 70% of al typhoon develop.

What month is very hot in the Philippines? ›

The Philippines' hottest months are April and May, with the coldest months experienced during December, January and February. The mean annual temperature is 27.1°C, with a relatively low seasonal temperature variation of approximately 3°C. There is minimal spatial variation in temperatures across the country.

How much money should I bring to the Philippines for 2 weeks? ›

How much should I budget for a trip to Philippines? A reasonable budget for two for a week in Philippines is around ₱62,500. The above cost is based on staying in good, mid-range accommodation and having a few meals out per week, while preparing some yourself.

Is it cheap to live in Philippines for a American? ›

The average cost of living in The Philippines in US dollars is between $1,000 -$1,500 per month. Prices in the cities, especially in Manila, are much higher than in the islands, smaller towns, or rural areas.

How much money do you need by month to live in Philippines? ›

The cost of living in the Philippines in 2023

A single person needs at least $600 average monthly budget to live comfortably, with a family of four needing at least $2,500 average monthly net salary. The monthly cost for rent alone can be as high as $1,000 for a two-bedroom apartment.

Where is best to fly into Philippines? ›

Manila Ninoy Aquino is the main international gateway to the country and you're most likely to find cheap Philippines flights to this airport. Mactan-Cebu is located on Mactan Island in Cebu, while Francisco Bangoy airport is near Davao City on the island of Mindanao.

What month does typhoon start in the Philippines? ›

On average, they happen about 14 times a year. The hardest hit regions are Calabarzon, Bicol and Central Luzon. The typhoon season in the Pacific usually begins with less severe storms in April and does not end until November. The most severe typhoons usually occur in August and September.

What to do before flying to Philippines? ›

Unvaccinated/Partially Vaccinated Travelers: A laboratory-based rapid antigen negative test result within twenty-four (24) hours prior to the date and time of departure from the country of origin is required for entry to the Philippines.


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